December 5, 2023
For 6 years, I worked on a personal project that I hoped would eventually result in a photo book. Because the location was literally in my backyard (a 5 minute drive), the amount of time available to work on the project allowed me to cover the park in every season from year to year. Due to the small size of the park, the resulting photographs reveal the place in all of its intimate details.
As with any project of this scope, it was easy to feel that there was always one more image to create before feeling like I had enough images to work with. A change in venue, so to speak, provided me with the impetus to bring it to completion with the available images.
After several months, the book was finally off to the publisher. Anxiously waiting for the first proof copy to arrive, the day finally came and I was elated! The quality was beyond my expectations for a self published book.
It has been several years now since the book was first published and I have finally gone through the initial print run. Due to the high costs of printing, I have decided not to do an additional run at this time.
However, a Second Edition eBook with many more images is now in the works. Due to other interests, I am behind schedule with this new edition but hope to have it finished sometime next year. I will update this page with a link to the book as soon as I have it completed. Until then, I thank you for your interest - TW
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