TranquilityTranquilityA calm morning on Quanah Parker. I found this dead cedar fallen onto the shoreline making a good compositional element for the scene.
















I now offer custom rotating exhibits for homes or offices in Oklahoma. A rotating exhibit is one where I provide a change of framed photographs on a quarterly or bi-annual basis. Working with your interior designer, or one I am associated with, allows you to choose which images are displayed providing continuity for your home or office decor.

A rotating exhibit offers a convienient way for you to update your decor, providing a pleasing and unusual alternative to static displays, and allows you to keep your decor fresh and vibrant. Your visitors and clients will notice the difference and I guarantee you will receive compliments, especially from those who frequent your home or office.

I have a huge inventory of photographic work covering most of Oklahoma in both color and black & white. I am constantly adding new work to my portfolio thus ensuring fresh content from which you can choose for each change. My work covers a broad range of landscape, abstract, old barns, and abandoned homesteads along with their associated 'relics' that I am sure will compliment any decor.

These exhibits are licensed on a LEASE basis and cost of the service depends on how often you wish the images rotated, how many images you use, and the size of the artwork. If you are interested in one of these exhibits, please contact me either by phone or email to discuss your particulars. We can then set up an appointment where you and your interior designer will be shown a range of photographs in large print format to better give you an idea of what you can expect.

Contact: (405) 542-7044  [email protected]                           AbandonedAbandonedEarly 1930's Ford Flatbed truck abandoned in a field of grass.